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Doctor's Health Secrets
Doctor's Health Secrets" are alternative health articles that your patients will find enlightening, educational and entertaining. Most of the articles are backed by studies. Print them out and put them in a notebook in reception for your patients to read, or hand them out individually to your patients.

Download the articles.
NuLean Print and Radio Ads
Attract hundreds of new patients through your local newspapers, radio stations or magazines. We can customize one or all of our stunning ads for you.

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NuLean Instructions English

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NuLean Business Card
See a sample of the NuLean business card and order your own.

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Office Handouts
Make a lasting impression with everyone who walks into your practice. Give them one of our informative handouts that is sure to make them interested.

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Acid/Alkaline Food List

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Spanish Info Sheet
Communicate to the Spanish community with this informative handout. Just download the file and print out as many copies as you need. You can even make changes to it, add your contact information, etc.

Download Spanish Info Sheet
NuLean Manuals
Learn how to retain patients, how to attract plenty of new ones, how NuLean works and much more from our 3 comprehensive manuals:

- The Practice Expansion Manual
- The Marketing Manual

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NuLean Patient Manual
Everything you need to know about using the NuLean System including instructions, FAQ, how to achieve lasting weight loss results, etc.

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NuLean PowerPoint Presentation
One of the most effective ways to attract new patients is giving a lecture. The NuLean PowerPoint Presentation is a powerful tool that will help you deliver your message professionally.

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Personal NuLean Website
Almost 2 billion people are on the internet. If you don't have a website, they most likely will not find out. Get a professional NuLean website to attract new patients. (we do all the technical work for you)

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NuLean Compared to Other Weight Loss Systems
Why do increasingly more and more doctors and patients, once enlightened, prefer NuLean over any other weight loss product or system? Find out here...

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How Exactly Do the NuLean Products Work?
Please listen to this exclusive audio presentation; it will get you excited about implementing NuLean in your practice and help you turn it into a powerhouse in just weeks.

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